Campaign Speeches and Early Voting? Ope! You BETCHA!

All members of the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club…
We ask for your help in selecting from the members below, that have stepped forward to take on the task of keeping our club moving forward, growing and ever striving for excellence.

Place your votes Saturday Night at the Holiday Party @ Heavy Riff from
7pm to – 10pm

If you are unable to make it to the Christmas Holiday Party, early voting options are available:
Mallory will be at Amsterdam Tavern from 11am to 2pm

Below you will find messages from both opponents that are running opposed and unopposed.
Here are your STLGAC Board candidates

We thank each and everyone of you that have stepped up to run for the open positions. Good luck to everyone that is running.

Anne Glaser – Treasure
Bridget O’Brien – Camogie Trainer
Lauren Delaney – Camogie Trainer
Will Stewart – Registrar
Mike Hertfelder – President
Joe Kinealy – President
Tony Cowin – Football Trainer
Landon Zirkelbach – PRO


Mike Hertfelder (President Candidate)


I assume most of the club knows me, but I am running for the position of club president. I am very fortunate that Grant Gorman invited me to try hurling back in 2013. I love the sport, I’ve met many new friends in St. Louis and from other clubs over the past few years. Wearing the club’s jersey and representing St. Louis in travel tournaments is great, regardless of the result. I am lucky to be a member of the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club.

As much as I enjoy being a member of the club and playing our sports (even football), I think we need to have a recalibration of the club.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, recruiting is a top priority. Hurling/camogie and Gaelic football are amazing sports, I do not want to see them fade away from St. Louis. We need to make sure we are all advocates for our club and sports. We need some new blood in the club.

I am also looking to explore ways to make our sports more accessible to new players along with becoming more competitive on the national level.

I would be honored to have your vote this Saturday. Regardless who wins, the next president and the board as a whole needs the entire club to help make 2018 the best year yet for STLGAC.


Lauren Delaney (Camogie Trainer Candidate)

Hi my name is Lauren Delaney and I am grateful to have been nominated to serve as camogie trainer for a second term. For those that may not know me I have been in the club 6 years playing camogie, hurling and football, and have been the camogie trainer for the past 2 years. I am very proud of what the club and more so the camogie ladies have achieved over the last two years and I am excited to continue our momentum as we look to win Junior Camogie at Nationals and complete the trifecta of all of the teams in our club having won a junior title.

As camogie trainer I would look to achieve the following:

  • Foster a fun, yet competitive environment for both veterans and rookie players at practices and matches giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sport and improve their skills.
  • Continue to grow camogie membership with the goal of expanding the city league to 3 teams over the next 2 years.
  • Help provide opportunities for those who are interested to play competitive matches with and against other clubs.
  • Collaborate with the hurling and gaelic football trainers to provide better training opportunities for all club members.
  • Win Junior Camogie at Nationals in Philadelphia in 2018!


  • Certified as a GAA Coach.
  • Have played competitive sports for over 20 years at the highest levels and have coached amateur youth, college and adult teams including having given private sports lessons for 10+ years.
  • Strong ties with other camogie clubs across the country.
  • Member of the USGAA Heartland Division Development Committee.
  • Dedicated club member having captained both hurling and camogie teams and co-chaired the STLGAC Mouse Races in 2016 & 2017.


Tony Cowin (Gaelic Football Trainer)

Vote Cowin. ##IWillDoBetterThanLastTime


Landon Zirkelbach (PRO)


Joe Kinealy (President Candidate)

Hello All,

First off, I would like to thank outgoing President Eric Weber and the rest of the outgoing board for the hard work and dedication they have put in over the last 2 years.

Just a quick little background of my experience with the club. I have been a board member in the past serving three years as club secretary and know how much work goes on behind the scenes to make this organization work. I have worked hard to bring in sponsors (the Hibernians, Tower Pub, O’Shays), work with them and keep up a good working relationship. As secretary, I was able to build up a good rapport with other clubs throughout the country in all three sports, such as Indy, D.C., Atlanta, etc.

Over the years, I have been a strong proponent of all the sports in our club. I worked hard with a few others (Jim Schaft, John Behl) to get the footie club off the ground and while on the board I was an extra voice for the camogie club. It has been a joy to see the camogie and footie teams grow and get better every year. I have spent a lot of my time these past 14 years spreading the word of the Gaelic Club and hope to continue to for years to come.

I have several goals that I would like to accomplish if elected:

  1. Find a new field. I appreciate the location we have been at the last few years, but we are not getting any exposure at this location and therefore it is harder to gain new recruits. I would like to find a field that will not only allow us the exposure needed but also accommodate our sporting needs.
  2. Find a travel sponsor. Now that we have our 401(c) 3 non-profit status, this should be incredibly important to our club.
  3. Unify the club. We are currently a fractured club. We need to bring the club together as a whole if we are to thrive and that comes with the support of everyone. Currently hurling does their own thing, same as football and camogie. We need to be ONE club. I would like to start a committee with members of all three sports so that we can get more input as to what is working and what isn’t.
  4. Recruitment. We need to get back to the basics of getting out in the community and doing the leg work. Getting out to the bars, schools, etc.
  5. Communication. I would like to work with the board and collaborate with the club members to figure out new ways in getting club information out to the masses. I know this past year we instituted some new ideas and I would like to continue on with this initiative.

In closing, no matter who you vote for on Saturday night, please make every effort to come out and make your voice heard. Plus, it is the last chance this season to see everyone.

Thank you,



Bridget O’ Brien (Camogie Trainer candidate)
STL GAC Members,

My name is Bridget O’Brien, I am writing to gain your support in becoming the next Camogie Trainer. I have been a proud member of the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Association and an active Camogie teammate in both the pub league and the travel team for two years. Over the past couple of years I have built many relationships with the camogie players and coaches both on, and off the field. I have not only consistently showed up to practices to learn, but I have also organized optional conditioning practices in order to physically prepare for tournaments and further strengthen our team cohesion. One of my fundamental beliefs is that to succeed as a team you need preparation and communication, and these two tenets would be the cornerstones of my effort as Camogie Trainer. My strong interpersonal skills, willingness to learn from others, and determination to succeed not only makes me a dedicated player, but an excellent candidate as a club leader.

The Camogie team holds a dear spot in my heart and I am proud of the current St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club leadership and what they have accomplished so far. I believe that it is essential for the club to get different perspectives and try to push new ideas to increase the club’s potential of growing and sustaining itself for future generations to enjoy the sport as much as I do. As the Camogie Trainer, I will push for fluid communication and support between the Camogie, Hurling and Football teams, ultimately leading to the growth of dedicated players within the Club.

I would like to contribute my communication, organizational, and managerial skills to fulfill my desire to push our club to new heights. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to help promote Camogie awareness in St. Louis, and be the advocate within and outside of the Club for the devoted camogie players.

Thank you, and please remember to vote on Saturday, December 2nd.


Bridget O’Brien

Annual STLGAC Holiday Par-TAY!

REMINDER – We will be celebrating this year over at:
Heavy Riff Brewing Company
6413 Clayton Ave, St. Louis 63139
Time: 7PM – 11PM

There will be drinks and get there early to put in your vote for the upcoming elections!!! It will surely be a good time…. as always!

Hope to see everyone there