How to Join

New Member Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club.

Below is basic information about how to join and what to expect.

You must be 18 years or older to play (16 with a parent/legal guardian waiver). You can ask questions of our recruitment officer by clicking here and sending an email.

Website and Forum
The STLGAC has two main communication tools, this web site and our official Forum. You can join the forum by going to here.

What is Hurling?
Interested but not quite sure what Hurling is? Check out the About Hurling section of the website to learn more. We play hurling in the spring.

What is Gaelic Football?
Football is the soccer equivalent of hurling – fast, physical, and fun. Other than cleats and (optional) football gloves, there is no extra equipment necessary. Gaelic Football is our Fall sport.

What does hurling cost?
Here is a grid of approximate costs of dues and equipment … all cost are approximate.

Item Description Cost
Dues for New Players Club dues are collected prior to the start of the season.
Hurley You are required to have a hurley in order to play. Hurleys can be purchased from the club or bought online. $35
Helmet A helmet with faceguard is required to play in the league. An official hurling helmet or a new or used hockey helmet works best. Lacrosse helmets are not recommended. $20- $100
Shin Guards A good pair of shin guards is needed to protect your shins from the hurley. (Optional) $10- $20
Sliothars Having your own sliothar(s) for practicing outside the normal club practice schedule is a great idea but not required. $12