2017 Annual Hurling 7s Tourney!

The Annual Club 7s Hurling Tournament is going to be held on Saturday, November 4 at St.
Vincent’s Park. The event is open to one and all but you are responsible for forming the team
roster. Matches will start in the morning and will be played throughout the afternoon between
the Gaelic football league matches. Details and preliminary rules are as follows:

1. Roster limit per team is 10 players. Open subs over the endline. Players can only be on
one roster.
2. Entry fee per team is $100 (i.e., $10 per person). If we have 6 or more teams, champ and
runner-up teams will get a cash prize.
3. Retired players, ringers and ghosts of seasons past are all welcome.
4. Teams will be responsible for judging and refereeing matches.
5. Pitch will be smaller than the normal league pitch. Pointing off puckouts will not allowed.
6. Match length will depend on the number of teams, but the max match length will be 30
minutes (15 minute halves).
7. The tournament draw and team colors will be randomly selected.
8. All players will have to sign a waiver.
9. Completed rosters along with the payment is due by Saturday October 28.

If you are interested in forming a team or need help finding a team, please send an email to Eric
Weber (president@stlgac.com). Team captains will receive a schedule of matches on Tuesday,
October 31, as well as additional playing rules.