Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is Ireland’s favorite game, with 31 out of 32 counties on the island (and two from outside of it) competing each year for the Sam Maguire Cup and crowds of over 80,000 filling Croke Park for the All-Ireland Final each year. It is a game with elements of soccer, basketball, and various other sports, in which the object is to kick the ball over a goal and through the uprights for a point or into the goal past a goalkeeper for three.

In St. Louis, we play our city league during the Fall. We practice as one club leading up to a draft day, in which captains (experienced members of the club) will draft a team for the season. All ages and experience levels are welcome, from the un-athletic or inexperienced to the highest caliber athletes, there is a place for you to play in our club. Some members will also take part in tournaments in which they represent St. Louis and our club as whole against clubs from other cities.

If you are interested in playing, watching, or learning more, please contact our Gaelic football trainer Mike Guinn at