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2017 Hurling and Camogie Seasons Starting Soon!!

Posted on by landoadmin

Mark your calendars! First Practice – March 4, 2017 Opening Day is scheduled for April 1, 2017. Stay tuned for more information and major updates.

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One Week ‘Til Nationals!

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Posted on by landoadmin

Gaelic Football is starting! Practices are 6:30 at Langenburg Field in Forest Park on Thursdays, and at Noon in St. Vincent’s on Saturdays. $70 veterans $50 rookies $50 referral pricing if you bring in a rookie. Rookie must pay, sign … Continue reading

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9th Annual St. Louis GAA Invitational this July 30th!

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Sign up for Trivia Night 2016! March 19 @ St. James the Greater

Posted on by stlgacadmin

Please join us for our biggest fundraiser of the year on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at St. James the Greater on Tamm Ave. in Dogtown. Bring a team of 8 for a night of friends and fun and try to … Continue reading

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Welcome Aboard, EC: 2016!

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2016 Hurling Season is Within Reach!

Posted on by stlgacadmin

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time to knock off those cleats, put the cake down, and grab your hurl. Some quick dates and registration info: Dues – You can pay RIGHT NOW using the PayPal button here on the website … Continue reading

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Promo Video — Gaelic Football Team Demo at St. Louis Soccer Park!

Posted on by stlgacadmin

Watch here!

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2015 Gaelic Football Fall Pub League — Starting Soon!

Posted on by stlgacadmin

Fall league for Gaelic Football starts Mid-September. Currently, practices are Thursdays in Forest Park, and most Saturdays at St. Vincent Park near UMSL on Rock Road. Contact Landon Zirkelbach, gaelic football trainer, for more info.               … Continue reading

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St. Louis’ Annual Tournament on Saturday, July 25th

Posted on by stlgacadmin

                    Come check out the Irish games this weekend! Find hurling, women’s hurling (camogie), and gaelic football matches happening all morning and afternoon this Saturday, July 25th. Location: Central Fields of Forest … Continue reading

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