Our season training typically begins in early March. We encourage all new players to take part in an earlier training that takes place to teach the basic skills and rules of the game. Before opening day for the club, captains hold a draft, in which players are selected and placed onto teams. Camogie currently holds 2 full teams and each team are drafted with the most competitive and learning environment kept in mind. Our season begins in April and runs through the end of June.  All games take place on Saturdays, playing one game of two 30-minute halves. Club practice sessions, which include a variety of drills designed to build skills and endurance, are held on weekday evenings throughout the season, as well as on Saturday morning in the pre-season.

Practices and games are located at St. Vincent Park during the season, and weeknight practices during the season are held at pitches in Forest Park. We do also have travel tournament opportunities we participate in all over the United States.