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Gaelic football champions

Posted on by stlgacadmin

The Junior D Gaelic football team defeated Buffalo to win the national championship, coming from behind in the last minutes of the game to win 2-4 (10) to 0-8 (8). The game was Sunday at the NACB finals in Cleveland.

The team trained hard over the summer, and celebrated the well-deserved championship at the field (and into the night) Sunday. We’ll announce details for a St. Louis celebration later.

The team members are: John Behl, Jason Biondo, Billy Brennan, Ken Buckholtz, Tim Buckley, Stephen Carter, Dan Cowin, Tony Cowin, Ken Dandridge, Pete DaPrato, Matt Green, Greg Hake, Robbie Haupt, Sterling Hayden, Mike Kaag, Phil Hrdlicka, Mike Keane, Joe Kinealy (club secretary), Dan Miller, David Morin, Owen McQuiston-Fall, Enda O Donovan, Mike Reynolds, Kevin Sullivan (club president), Aaron Wagner and Landon Zirkelbach (football trainer).

The Junior D Gaelic football team with their championship cup.

The Junior D Gaelic football team with their championship cup.

Zirkelbach accepted the cup from the Gaelic Athletic Association President Liam O Neill.

The team beat Indianapolis in the prelim game Friday, 2-10 (16) to 0-7 (7); then Baltimore in the quarterfinal, 5-13 (28) to 0-7 (7). On Saturday, the team beat Houston 6-9 (27) to 0-7 (7).

The Junior B hurling team won versus Baltimore Friday, 5-6 to 3-10. On Saturday, the team lost to Twin Cities, 3-11 to 7-20.

The Junior C hurling team won versus Seattle Friday, 6-16 to 1-0, then defeated Indianapolis 3-12 to 2-8. On Saturday ,the team lost to Milwaukee, 6-18 to 0-8.

The camogie team notched its first win at the national tournament, defeating Denver 2-3 to 2-1. The team later lost to Indianapolis, 1-2 to 11-8; the Indianapolis team went on to win the junior camogie national championship.

Congratulations to all the St. Louis players — we trained hard and played hard.

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